New Addition: Kitchenaide Artisan Mixer


You are probably wondering, what does that have to do with this Kitchenaide Mixer? I want to assure you, as I recite this speech to you in writing, that this quest if generational wealth has everything to do with this mixer. Take a look at it like this, when I was younger, like most kids I was surrounded by, there was not a lot of conversations around what I'll receive as a family heirloom. You figured you'll probably get your family's home, if it was owned by your family, maybe an insurance fund, if your family was responsible enough to set that up, and/or possibly the receive high ticket items that your parents purchased like jewelry, their car or etc., and you're only excited about those items if they have all a well known appreciating value.

All of those things are great to receive so you can remember your family forever but when I think of family heirloom my mind thinks of an empire that you set up as community that brings in wealth to limb of the tree and the limbs regenerate into branches because you helped set them up to grow in such a way that continues the health cycle. But what I think of that I might receive and they are key words I used above was PROBABLY, MAYBE, & POSSIBLY because at the end of the day you do not know if the items you will receive will be just great memorabilia that can be considered junk or can be memorabilia that can set you and your next generation up for life. So this means you are aware that everyone before you, and currently, have to curate a life that you want straight out of the mud with the hopes that you can create quality memories with what you purchase along with those that you love. Furthermore, the true hope is that you develop a life of generational wealth for those that you are connected to and for your family that will come after you.


In which, this prompts me to express how easy it is to purchase items that make you feel like you are finally collecting generational wealth. This capitalistic world is sincerely intentional on selling a dream of wealth while you are in debt or can be in debt with one wrong movement. So naturally I noticed that once I had purchasing power I used it thinking I was finally privileged to get what I want, but I could not help but to realize after every purchase I was always saying, "This is what I always wanted..." instead of "This is what I need for..."

This stagnant mindset did not catch up to me when I was using my last dollar on shit I didn't need, but alarmed me when I had more than enough because I kept thinking I don't need this but it'll cute to have... Curating a space for you to build generational wealth requires you to make a decision, and can truly begin to happen when you establish stability in thinking.

Capitalism will never tell you that having a roof over your head, food, water, lights and transportation is all you need because it's designed to remind you that you are lacking and for a "little bit"of your hard work, time and resources you'll be on top with the best of them in no time. While generational wealth says I'm satisfied with my stable resources and I'll keep them by appreciating the value in every person and tool that surrounds it. My desires have shifted once I was able to grasp only a portion of this truth, because appreciating what I have now, and making it exponentially grow is what I was created to do. I am learning from a deficit on how to make this nature law work for everything that I currently own now.


You must have thought that I forgot the about the Kitchenaide Mixer review, but I did not... Lol! The reason I said the speech speech was to encourage you to buy items that allow you to curate timelessly moments, set an unmistakable tone for those that are in all areas of your life and be careful to put your energy into things that do not appreciate your true value. I have been cooking for years, but I wanted an Artisan Kitchenaide Mixer when I can truly be appreciative of what it can be to my family and I also wanted to be in a position to share. The worst thing I could do with such a quality mixer was to take it for granted and not think of ways I can make "Get Better Now" treats, have the girls over and prepare a cake, or make bread for myself because I prefer to be gluten free. This mixer is the tool for what I know I can contribute to the world...

In saying that, in my current stage, God saw that I am ready to truly share and am positioned for my mother to pass down this brand new gift that an important tool to help start a new stories and chapters, while assisting in breaking our families generational curses. I see that this mixer means I'll gather, curate and provide opportunities of quality for my family and friends to come.

So as I go into my first recipe that allows me to use my new mixer, I want you to know my review of this mixer is that it works well but I'm more excited about the intent and passion that God provided me behind this mixer to connect my loved ones through memories and being fed love and relationship. I'm excited to see how this mixer will be an appreciating quality to my family, friends and those that I meet along the way...

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