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Updated: Dec 2, 2020



/ˈbʌbl bæθ/

a liquid soap that smells pleasant and makes a lot of bubbles when it is added to bath water; a bath with bubble bath in the water

When we think Self-Care the initial thought is to go to some form of a spa for your nails, body, hair, or etc. But what if you can bring the spa home and curate your own recharge space that you know is built specifically for you? This should be relaxing, minimal labor to prepare, and personalized.

So here are 8 KEY ELEMENTS that will help you build a Spa Bubble Bath experience for everyday of the week...


When you arrive to any luxurious spas in 2020, the most important element that are selling their customers are clean and healthy products. This is what adds a touch of feeling good about your guilty pleasures because it great for your body and you did the homework. So my tip is for you to make a list of your top 3 bubble bath products that you want to try and/ or your favorite and stay stocked. You never know when you need to pop out a different mood of fragrances, colors, body care, etc.


Now I am not a fan of candles due to the the toxins and smog they let off into the air of my home, however, I cannot deny the vibe it sets off in a room. So I keep a few on me for my bubble bath experience. If you are like me and are completely anti-candle, invest in battery powered candles and add incense near your personalized spa setup. The low light serves the purpose of sending you on a journey of self internalization and relaxation. The smell of the candle is based on the mood that you are currently in. Choose wisely and do not be afraid to burn your candles completely out due to you not being on a timer like at spa....


This part is completely up to you and your body needs, but I would be completely remised if I did not share with the you the benefits of each temperature phase.

  1. Hot

  2. Luke Warm

  3. Cold


When I curate a bubble bath, my intentions are to be in there for a while. So I make sure to hydrate as I stew in my bath and here are a few drink options to try as go to your happy place.

  1. Alcoholic

  2. Alcoholic Option #2

  3. Stiff Alcohol

  4. Stiff Alcohol Option #2

  5. Non-alcoholic

  6. Tea

  7. Coffee


Let's be honest, who would I be if I did not add food to any of spaces that I curate. The object here though is to make sure that grazing never runs out so there are various types of snacks that I choose (healthy or not so healthy). We know the tradional brands to snack with, but what makes a spa amazing are the boutique brands that they carefully choose for their clientele. Treat yourself to your favorite snacks for moments like this. Below are a few of my favorite snacks:

  1. Symphony Chips

  2. Partake Food

  3. Pipcorn

  4. BCakeNY


Relaxing comes in various forms. My favorite is the sound of either silence or of me laughing. So I make sure that I choose times to unwind with either no ones around or I have funny movie or show on that makes me chuckle. This helps me find my center, so what helps you find yours? Take your time and review the list below and see what helps you find yourself being free and loose... If it resonates with you then add this to your Self-Care Routine and make sure that you draw appreciation to whatever you choose for the best effects of building a replenishing bubble bath experience.

  1. Quiet - Turn Off Everything

  2. Natural Sounds/ Soft Music - (Click Playlist Here)

  3. Watching Your Favorite Shows

  4. Read a Book

  5. If you have additional ideas send it to @blackwomenetwork for an IG S/O!


Seal the deal! I am referring to the deal of you having this spa experience with yourself. In order for you to do this, you must have a stash of creams, body butters, facial scrubs, hygiene products to lock in all of the amazing relaxation you just completed.

Your stash should be parallel to your health conscious bubble bath product. When you look and feel good, while also, knowing you are maintaining your health your experience takes you on pure journey of relaxation. If you are looking to build your stash here are a few recommendations:

1. Body butters - Base Butter

2. Facial Mask - Golde

3. Facial scrubs - Hanahana Beauty

4. Hygiene products - Bold Xchange, Funk Butter


Yes! That is right the attire is another element of your spa that you do not want to miss out on... Whether you are making your way to your bath tub or leaving the bath tub, why not do it in style and luxury. The before and after experience of a spa is what helps maintain the spa experience. As you fix your spa space up slip in a few of these robe and slipper options.

  1. Robe - CreationbyViva

  2. House Slippers - DuckieConfetti

Being apart of the BWN community is about all Black Women having access to use these tools to have the ultimate self-care experience. In our upcoming posts and videos, we will begin a journey of sharing products and services that encourage Black Women relaxation, growth, and tips for transformative Self-Care. Whether you are saving, or believe in splurging your coin, we got you sis, and look forward to growing with you! ENJOY!

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